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Tip: Trash and Waste Disposal

Residential trash pick-up

Under normal circumstances most communities require that all trash barrels be put out the night before your service day. Residential waste-removal services try to be consistent each week with pickup times, although schedules will often change without notice. The best way to have your trash picked up is to make it easier on the people picking it up. When you bring your barrels to the street, place the containers so that the lids open toward the street and the handle is away from the street. Try not to place the barrels next to mailboxes, trees, basketball hoops, vehicles or other obstacles that may prevent the truck from easily picking up the barrel.

Yard waste

Yard waste is one of the biggest additives to your garbage amount, especially in the spring and summer. This usually includes grass clippings, leaves, and tree limbs. Be sure leaves are put into tightly closed bags. If you have a landscaping or lawn care service, they will usually do this for you.


Front-load, rear-load, open top, and compactors are some of the different kinds of dumpsters that are mostly for commercial use. These are commonly used by businesses, where there is a significant amount of waste.

Businesses are usually advised not to put chemicals, grease, paint cans, or large metal objects inside of their dumpster.

Hazardous waste

Most waste-removal services request that hazardous materials are not put into trash receptacles. Hazardous waste may include paint, paint thinner, solvents, used motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, household cleaners, aerosol products, expired medicine, pool chemicals, antifreeze, car batteries, nail polish/remover, etc.

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