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Tip: Repair Hot Tub

Routine examinations and changing filters will help ward off a lot of potential hot tub problems but in case you don’t, here are some common problems.

Hot tub problems: The biggest hot tub repair is the heater. A non-functioning heater might be because of a corroded heating coil (which happens when you don’t keep a sharp enough eye on your chemical levels). It could also indicate a problem with the thermostat, the high limit switch or the control box circuitry.

Depending upon where it is located, a leak generally indicates that you have a crack in your unit or in the pipes that service your unit.

It’s important to keep your filtration system clean on a weekly basis; otherwise, you’ll probably have to have a service professional come out and do it for you. Filters are generally good for about a year.

Frozen water in your unit is usually a sign of a more serious problem like inadequate winter preparations. You’ll want to have a professional check out your entire system.

No power or lights can indicate a problem with the electrical system that serves the unit. Check the unit’s equipment pack to make sure it’s working. If your lights aren’t activating, make sure and check the bulbs before calling a service professional.

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