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Tip: Repair Central A/C – Electric

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Common A/C problems: If your central air conditioning isn’t performing up to par or isn’t performing at all, here are some easy troubleshooting tips that you should try before contacting a Service Professional.
* If the compressor doesn’t turn on, check the fuse and breaker.
* If it runs but doesn’t cool, the refrigerant could be low. If that’s the case, call a service professional.
* Check to see if the condenser coils on both sides are dirty. If they are, brush and vacuum them. (This is a good idea to perform at least twice a season.)

* If the A/C is performing inefficiently (partial cooling), check to make sure the condenser is clean, also check to see if the filter is clean.

* If the water leaks at the furnace, it could be a clogged drainpipe from the evaporator coil pan. Check the pipe and clear it if it is clogged.

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