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Tip: Fire Protection or Prevention

These simple tips can help keep you and your family safe from fire:

Working smoke detectors should be in place on every level of your home and in all bedrooms. The detectors should be tested once a month, and batteries should be replaced at least once a year (for example, during the switch to daylight-saving time). Replace smoke detectors every 10 years.

Keep matches and other heat sources out of children’s reach. Children under 5 set more than 100,000 fires every year.

Plan and practice escape routes and fire evacuation procedures with your family. Teach children to crawl low under smoke and to “stop, drop and roll” after they’ve left the burning house.

Never smoke in bed. Extinguish cigars/cigarettes if you become sleepy. Never leave lit cigars or cigarettes or pipes unattended.

Invest in a home fire sprinkler system. These systems can be attached to any home’s standard plumbing system. Your local fire department can provide more information.

Keep combustible materials (for example, bedding, draperies, etc.) at least three feet away from portable space heaters or other sources that pose a potential for fire.

Use fire screens on your fireplace and have your chimney cleaned each year.

Don’t overload circuits or extension cords. Don’t place electric cords under rugs or in high traffic areas.

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