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The Essential Fire Prevention Checklist

You know to stop, drop, and roll. Now here's the rest.

Homes are where we’re supposed to feel safe. Yet if you’re not following these tips, you could be putting you and your family at risk. Safeguard your home from tragedy with this fire prevention checklist.

Safety Alarms

□  Each level of your home has one smoke alarm and one carbon monoxide alarm.

□  There is a smoke alarm inside and outside of each bedroom.

□  Each smoke alarm is cleaned and tested every month to make sure the batteries are working.

□  Smoke alarms are less than 10 years old. Carbon monoxide alarms are less than 7 years old.


□  The hood above your kitchen stove is clean.

□  The stove hood ventilates to the outside.

Electrical & Appliances

□  Electrical cords do not have frays or cracks in them.

□  Additional outlets are circuit-protected and have multi-prong adaptors.

□  All appliances are plugged directly into wall outlets.


□  Both the chimney and furnace are cleaned and inspected every year.

□  Allow at least 3 feet of space between furniture and: fireplaces, baseboards, space heaters, and wall heaters.

□  Fireplace and barbecue ashes are outside in a covered metal container at least 3 feet from anything flammable.

□  Space heaters are not powered through extension cords.

□  Heaters are equipped to shut off if tipped over. They should be approved by a national testing laboratory.


By abiding by these rules, you can help prevent dangerous fires. Which of these can you check off your list?

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