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Stainless Steel Bathroom Fixtures

Fashionable designers have been incorporating stainless steel in rest rooms and kitchens for years. If you live in an apartment or loft, this sleek, modern look could be the solution for a bath in need of updating.

Many people view stainless steel as cold and uninviting, but paired with the right wall treatments and flooring-such as slate-these appliances can give a fresh, clean look to your urban bath.

Stainless plumbing fixtures feature seamless welding or one-piece construction, heavy gauge metal and either brushed or glossy finishes. Stainless plumbing fixtures are easy to clean and are virtually indestructible. They can be cleaned with heavy-duty products and usually don’t require special care to keep them looking new.


Installation is typically identical to porcelain fixtures, and since stainless is popular in commercial and industrial construction, it isn’t a challenge to find a qualified installer. Occasionally, toilets might require a special flushing mechanism to be installed in the studs in the wall.

More Stainless Fixtures

Beyond stainless toilets, there are also washbasins, pedestal sinks and soaking tubs. If you chose to install one of these fixtures, you should plan on keeping the theme for the entire bath. A stainless sink usually looks out of place with a porcelain tub.

Gathering Ideas

When selecting the flooring and wall treatments for a stainless bath, you may want to consult a design expert. He or she can give you pointers to incorporate other materials with your stainless fixtures. Look at decorating magazines for ideas you can show the design professional, so he or she has a good idea of what you want.

The final question is whether you want a stainless toilet seat. Many manufacturers make plastic seats that have a layer of chrome for effect, this means the seat isn’t heavy to lift and there are no shockingly cold surprises!

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