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The Right Barn or Shed For You

A vast array of prefabricated stand-alone sheds, barns and outbuildings are available in many styles and materials for a variety of purposes.

Companies offer standard packages with menus of options such as windows and usually offer to design custom buildings as well.

Metal buildings are usually made in the factory and delivered and set up on site. These are primarily storage sheds for use in gardens or work sites.

Smaller wood framed storage units can also be assembled in the factory and delivered to the site. However, most are usually prefabricated in panels and erected on site. Some companies offer “kits” which can be assembled by the consumer, but most higher quality shed manufacturers insist on sending their own crews to assemble them on the consumer’s site.

Sizes can range from as small as 4’x5′ up to 16’x24′ in pre-designed packages. Higher-end manufacturers offer totally custom packages which can be bigger and finished more like homes for use as garages, cottages or offices.

Most “mini barns” are just a small barn style of storage shed.

Barns with animal stalls are much bigger and can be ordered according to the number of stalls, with Dutch and roll-up overhead doors, etc.

Many of the higher quality sheds are constructed similar to the way a home is built, using floor joists topped with plywood flooring, stud-framed walls, full trusses on (rafters) roofs, etc. and therefore can be used for more sophisticated uses beyond storage sheds. Many companies offer vinyl siding and a wide variety of roof options. Poured concrete slab floors are also available.

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