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Picket Fences Add Charm

It seems as though many homeowners are scrambling to install large privacy fences, but what if you want to showcase your landscaping, while still protecting your plants and yard? Picket fences can be a pleasing way to create a sense of privacy without blocking out the world. Think of the times you’ve been out for a walk and have stopped to admire a neighbor’s garden from the outside of an attractive picket fence. This classic and practical fence might be the right solution for your home.

When considering a picket fence, decide whether it is a practical choice for your home. If the purpose of the fence is to contain an animal (or keep one out) the height of a picket fence might not be adequate for your needs. If you are looking for a fence to indicate the boundary of your yard, while maintaining a welcoming feeling for visitors, then a picket fence is for you.

Some people are hesitant about installing a picket fence because they are traditionally painted. While most picket fences do require yearly touch-ups, and scraping and repainting after about five years, there are some alternatives to consider.

Staining can produce a look close to paint, however, it does not peel and gradually fades after a few years. Stain is easy to reapply, because it can be brushed over the existing stain without any special preparation. There are different types of stains available; transparent is the easiest to reapply, while opaque stain might require a bit more prep work.

Another option to consider is to allow the wood to weather naturally. Most woods will eventually turn to a silvery, gray color that will blend into the plants and vegetation in your yard.

If you are determined to have a painted fence, don’t fear. If you maintain your fence and keep touch-up paint on hand, it will last for years before the paint chips or peels and needs to be scraped and repainted. Pay close attention to areas of the fence that will receive more exposure to the sun and elements.

There are some alternatives to wood fences, also. Many fence companies offer PVC fencing that looks like traditional wood fencing. Only upon close inspection can the difference be seen. PVC offers maintenance free protection for your yard. It can be simply hosed off for cleaning and never needs painting or staining.

Whichever material and treatment you choose, picket fences can make an ordinary entranceway to a home instantly charming.

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