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Although landscape design involves many practical facets, the artistic side of many professional designers can create an enriching environment that appeals to all the senses. The sight of changing colors, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, the scent of roses outside the window, the comfort of having a quiet place to relax with a friend or just sit and watch the kids play all help to make your place feel like home.

Consider the following design ideas to solve common landscape challenges creatively:

Small Yards

So much of a large yard is lawn, you’d be amazed how many other special features can still be incorporated when you eliminate all that grass. Curves and different levels make optimum use of the space by adding more depth and interest. Use small trees instead of big ones and hide the fence with flowering vines that don’t take up as much space as big shrubs. Homeowners say these small yards are their favorites because they spend more time relaxing than mowing!

Low Maintenance

The key is proper planning. With the large variety of plants in all colors and combinations that require little or no maintenance, you never have to settle for a gravel and juniper garden! Select the right plants and space them properly. Avoid messy shrubs and trees, and select ground covers that hug the soil so tightly and densely that weeds have no chance to grow. Low, flat, colorful herbs can be used in a sunny border. A few favorites are thyme, tarragon, sage and rosemary to add lots of color and texture, and provide fresh ingredients for your favorite recipes!

Refurbishing an Overgrown Yard

Much mature landscaping can be saved in a new design. A skilled designer can help decide what to leave in place, transplant or remove. A big tree that stands awkwardly alone can become the focal point and serve as a cover for a new stone patio or wooden deck, out of the sun.

Busy Street

A buffer of fast-growing, dense plantings can make a world of difference. The soothing sound of running water in a fountain or a waterfall in a pond could also distract and camouflage street noises.

Privacy Outside Bathroom Window

Create a small, enclosed garden with a Japanese Maple, a soft, flowering vine and louvered, decorative fencing that lets in the daylight. Uplighting the tree with landscape lighting directed toward the fence will maintain privacy at night.

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