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Checklist: Basic Lawn & Landscape Care

Some people love yard work and others avoid it. No matter which category you are in, chances are your yard needs some regular maintenance. It’s almost always easier to do small chores for ten minutes every other day, than to devote an entire Saturday afternoon to back breaking labor. Use the following list to help keep everything looking fresh, trimmed and neat.

Cut the grass, or have a lawn care service come to your home every week. (15-60 minutes)

Pull up weeds. (10-30 minutes)

Remove dead blooms and leaves from flowers and plants. (10 minutes)

Edge flowerbeds and walkways. (30 minutes)

Spread mulch. (30 minutes)

Turn compost pile. (10 minutes)

Use weed trimmer along house and trees. (10-30 minutes)

Trim hedges and shrubs. (20 minutes)

Water lawn, shrubs and flowerbeds. (10-60 minutes)

Rake leaves. (20-60 minutes)

Collect branches and debris. (10 minutes)

There will always be larger yard and landscaping projects, but hopefully these basics will keep your yard looking great!

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