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Spruce Up Your Interior with Paint

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Painting is one of the most economical and long-lasting ways to enhance the interior of a home or office. It can transform raw space into a warm and inviting environment. Paint can revive a room by defining and illuminating the architectural details. It can also breathe new life into an old home with color and texture. But the results can only be as good as the paint job itself. Here are the steps to take to get a perfect paint job anywhere in your home.

The level of sheen or gloss you select depends as much on appearance as functionality. Each finish has unique characteristics that will highlight or hide the character and construction of the room. Examples are as follows:


Flat paint is an excellent choice for a uniform appearance across a large area. It tends to hide dents and dings , but it can trap dirt, stain easily and create a mildew-friendly environment more than a satin or semi-gloss formula. It will also tend to burnish more than other higher sheen finishes.


Satin finishes offer a crisp long-lasting, just-painted look and are growing in popularity for large wall areas. This finish resists dirt, stains, and burnishing better than flat paint and is suitable for high traffic wall areas.


Semigloss nicely sets off doors, trim and other architectural details that deserve attention. Increasingly homeowners and builders are opting to use the finish on larger surfaces. Semigloss also tends to resist dirt and mildew. It is a good choice for areas where a shiny appearance is desired like bathrooms and kitchen areas, but it will accentuate imperfections in the surface.


Gloss accentuates trim, windows, and doors with even more shine than semigloss. Once only available as an oil-based paint, this finish is now made in latex formulas.

Ceiling Paints

Ceiling Paints are formulated to diffuse light from lamps and windows and have excellent spatter resistance, but since they have low hiding and scrub resistance they are not recommended for walls. A standard flat-finish paint is also appropriate for ceilings.

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