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“Portable, Versatile, Yurts”

The yurt was designed originally by the Mongolians for steppes housing in the severe climate of that northern Asian land. It’s the oldest form of prefab indigenous architecture still in use today.

A yurt is a round dwelling, held together at the eaves by a tension band. It has a cone shaped roof with a central compression ring skylight at the roof’s center. Sturdy, durable, earthquake resistant, it’s an excellent shelter against the bitter winds and freezing temperatures of the steppes, Rocky Mountains or any other harsh climate.

Today’s modern yurt is typically a portable, recreational living structure with a circular wooden lattice wall, wood rafters that extend up to a laminated center ring, and a solid locking wood door. Covering the wood frame are architectural fabrics. A dome skylight allows light and ventilation at the peak. Many custom options are available including additional windows, insulation, awnings, extra doors, ceiling fans, and more. The easy to install yurt can be transported in the back of a pickup truck or trailer and is non-destructive to delicate ecosystems and adaptable to a variety of conventional and alternative energy and water/waste technologies.

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