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Q: I’ve heard of Lighting Design. What is it?

A. Lighting Design is the planning of a lighting system to achieve a designed effect in a given space. The system may include lighting for landscape, exterior architectural, one or more rooms, a remodel of an existing structure or an entire new home. Changing the lighting system in your present home is also a distinct possibility.

Q: What can a Lighting Designer do for me?

A: A competent designer will be able to determine your lighting needs based on your tastes, decor, personal habits, use of space and budget and provide you with a custom, personalized lighting plan. Even if you only want to add a couple lights, you can benefit from the advice of a design consultant.

Q: I’m interested in having a system designed for my new home/remodel. How soon should I contact a design professional?

A: ASAP! If at all possible, select a designer you are comfortable with during the planning stages. A lighting specialist will be able to offer valuable ideas that may be incorporated into the structural design of your home. By having the system included in your plans, you will be able to obtain more accurate bids. Although may homes have been successfully lit while in the framing and even wiring stages, the designer may be limited by time, structure or budget in the later phases of the project.

Q: Where can I find a qualified Lighting Designer?


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