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Illuminate Your Kitchen

People who rehabilitate their kitchens often breeze past one of the most important concerns-the lighting. It’s a common oversight because lighting technology isn’t quite understood by homeowners. Homeowners mistakenly believe that they have to forego adequate lighting in their kitchen, in order to use it in a contemporary way. The truth is that with good design, common sense, and some of the latest lighting technology, your kitchen can remain the center of life in your house while providing plenty of light for your work.

There are three major types of lighting that you can layer to illuminate a kitchen. The first, ambient lighting, is the general light in the room. Good ambient light allows you to work safely while illuminating the room. The second, task light, provides higher and more focused levels of light to a particular work area, keeping in mind the essence of getting the light to where you need it. Mostly found in closets, pantries, cabinets, or drawers, task lighting takes advantage of small light sources. The third, accent light, is even more focused and highlights objects or areas you want to show off, such as artwork, glassware, or special pottery.

There are many new products and ideas that can help you enhance the charm of your kitchen. Review all the possibilities with a lighting designer, a knowledgeable interior decorator, or a reputable electrician. These professionals will be happy to help you discover how to provide the best light for the least money.

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