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Designer Touches with Drywall

Styles of drywall have changed a lot over the years. Using drywall techniques to add new architectural or design touches, or simply retexturing ceilings and walls, can dramatically change the overall appearance of a home with a relatively small investment. Following are some basic ideas to get you started.

“Bullnosed” or Rounded Corners

A common upgrade in new homes, replacing square cornered walls and windows with rounded ones will instantly update any home. Finishing circular windows and curved archways this way is an especially attractive touch.

Hide Flaws

Over time, walls can get so banged up or gouged that no amount of patching or painting can hide the damage that makes a home look old and worn. You can also hide undesirable features behind new drywall. A good example is enclosing an outdated masonry fireplace constructed with odd colored bricks or massive stones. This will modernize, lighten, and increase the decorating options in rooms previously overwhelmed by the fireplace.

Room Separation

Drywall can also be used to separate the combination living/dining rooms creatively. Building an arch with or without columns can divide a room without sacrificing space. Adding a false “header” to create an arch or overhead plant shelf divides the room. This technique works very well on vaulted ceilings without making the room look “cut up.”


In the dining room, create a lovely effect with sculptured ceilings. Replacing sprayed acoustic ceilings with textured drywall enables homeowners to clean, paint and apply crown molding or other special trim to their ceilings.

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