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Customized Hot Tubs

Comfortable molded plastic spas in soft hues that accommodate any climate and decor have replaced the old wooden hot tubs of the 1960’s. Hot tubs, which require adequate support and access to electrical power, now have bubbles, lounge chairs, cup holders, jets galore and more.

The hot tub area, often located in a private spot in the house or in a secluded backyard or deck, frequently becomes the social gathering place for families. Hot tubs also serve as the ultimate personal retreat. The tub’s therapeutic waters are ideal for stress relief and relaxation, alleviating the aches and pains of everyday demands in the privacy of your own home.

Spas may also be customized within the master bedroom of your home. These exclusive bathrooms may include multi-outlet shower systems, steam showers or baths, and whirlpools with circulating jets to soothe away tension. For those who desire an indoor swim without a large pool, there are swim spas, which are larger, jetted tubs that simulate an actual swim.

Spa areas should be designed with harmony and serenity in mind. A service professional can help you select the spa products to meet your relaxation needs, including tubs and other amenities. There also is a wide array of design elements to make the home spa a sanctuary in which to restore and replenish your spirit.

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