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Custom Metal Details Add Style to Your Home

Custom weathervanes, fireplace grills, chimney caps and cupolas for gazebos and homes are commonly ordered from custom metal fabricators. Other frequent requests include building trailers, and racks for cars, trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles as well as in garages and workshops. Rural applications could include fabrication or repair of farm animal enclosures.

Wrought iron fencing can be custom made, but it is usually more economical to go to a metal fencing specialist for pre-made sections of fencing than to have this sort of project custom made. Special gates and security applications for windows and doors may need to be custom designed and fabricated.

Popular types of metal include wrought iron, cast iron, galvanized, coated and stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and pewter. Copper is deservedly expensive because it is as virtually indestructible as it is attractive. It will naturally change to a turquoise color after exposure to natural elements but this does not damage or affect the strength/quality of the metal. The more salt and moisture in the air, the sooner it will change color. It can be coated to retain its natural “shiny penny” color or combinations of different chemicals called “patinas” can be applied to immediately turn copper into a variety of different colors, including turquoise, red, black, blue, etc.

All kinds of metal containers can also be fabricated to be water tight or not. Seams can be sealed with sealant (caulking) or soldered. Soldering is more durable and a bit more expensive than sealant.

Sometimes old machinery and appliances require replacement parts to be made. However, metal fabrication shops will usually advise consumers when it is more economical to order a new part directly from a manufacturer than to have something repaired or custom made.

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