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Add a Hot Tub to Your Deck

Adding a deck to the exterior of your home can expand your living space during the warmer months, but if you add a spa or hot tub, you can use your new deck year round! You can enjoy sitting outside under the stars on cool evenings and soak sore muscles after playing hard on weekends.

When adding a spa or hot tub to your deck design, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will need to beef up the deck framing to support the weight of the spa, water and people who will use the spa. You will also need electrical service and plumbing in the deck plans.

A hot tub and some creative seating can be the centerpiece of a good deck design. Following are some ideas for adding a spa or hot tub to your deck:
* Privacy: If you would like some privacy, consider installing the hot tub flush with the deck surface and building some privacy screens. This way you’re not elevated for all of your neighbors to see!
* Built-Ins: Built-in benches and planters near the hot tub can dress it up and offer a place for people to hang out while others use the spa.
* Shelter: Consider building a pergola for the spa. This will allow you to use your spa in warmer days when the sun might be too hot. It will also provide some protection from the elements. If your deck will experience high winds during certain times of the year, install Plexiglas to screen the wind without blocking your view. Be sure to install Plexiglas with adequate supports.
* Childproofing: If you have small children, it is safer to have the spa elevated, to prevent young ones from accidentally falling in. If you have teenaged children, you might want to plan to build the spa in an easily monitored area.
* Lighting: Consider planning for some soft lighting near your hot tub. This will allow you to get to and from your hot tub safely, and enjoy the evening sky without a light bulb glaring in your eyes.

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