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Water Damage in Bathroom

Q: Who do I call about fixing water damage in my bathroom?


You need to find some general contractors who remodel bathrooms because they are licensed to do (or coordinate)projects including three or more trades, including plumbing, flooring, carpentry, painting, drywall, etc.

Although you technically need a repair, it is the same process as a remodel to replace building materials. A contractor will have to figure out what is leaking in the bathroom (sink, tub, shower or toilet), possibly tear out some drywall, tile, flooring and/or wood to repair the plumbing leak, then put everything back together and repair, replace or repaint the ceiling downstairs. We have an article on our site entitled, “When to Use a General Contractor” which explains this in detail.

When having water damage repaired, it may be difficult for contractors to give you firm bids without being able to see the full extent of the damage. You may need to hire one contractor to tear up the area and give you a bid to make the repairs, then have a couple more come in to give you their bids. Or else the contractors may give you their “best guess” bids and quote you an hourly rate plus materials in case they find more damage than they anticipate. Both approaches are commonly accepted practices.

To locate some reputable contractors, please return to our site at:, click on “Remodels” and submit a service request for “Remodel a Bathroom” so we can match you with the ideal service professional in your area.

Good Luck!

Kathy Maynard

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