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Checklist: Home Safety

Here are some things you can do to make your home safer:

Do not leave a house key under a mat, in the mailbox or in any other obvious hiding area near the door.

Post emergency numbers by the phone.

Keep doors locked at all times.

Know who has keys to your house.

Motion detector lighting is a good deterrent in the yard.

Get to know your neighbors.

Plant thick, prickly shrubs close to basement and ground windows to deter prowlers.

Never let anyone lure you out of your home.

Your bedroom door should have a lock. You should also have a telephone in your bedroom.

Change the locks when moving into a new home.

Change the locks when personnel with keys leave.

Make sure your house number is visible day and night-on all streets or alleys.

Secure roof openings and exhaust systems.

Bolt window air-conditioning units to wall to prevent them from being easily removed from the outside.

Make sure all outside doors to your house have keyed knob sets and deadbolt locks.

Always lock the doors when you leave the house and when you return.

Use security bars for added protection on sliding patio doors and entry doors.

Choose padlocks that are highly resistant to weather and the elements if they are going to be used outside.

Always lock gate, garage, shed, and storage doors.

If you are unsure of home security products, consult a locksmith or home security specialist.

Don’t put valuables where they can be seen from the windows.

Don’t keep large amounts of cash or extremely valuable jewelry around the house.

Keep blinds or drapes closed at night.

Consider installing a security/alarm system in your home.

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