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Checklist: Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Selling a home can be very stressful. Finding the right real estate agent for you is essential. Following are some tips for enlisting a good agent:

Hire an agent who is familiar with your neighborhood and the sales activity in your area.

Decide on your priorities (quick sale, high offer, etc. and discuss with the agent).

Ask the agent for references and a list of homes he or she has sold in the last year.

Walk around your house. Ask the agent for his or her suggestions for improving its chances of selling.

What are the agent’s fees and commissions?

Discuss whether you or the buyer will pay the closing fees (or split the cost).

How often will the agent show your house?

How often will he or she host open houses?

How will the agent advertise the sale of your house?

Does the agent have a website or national listing service?

Will he or she provide and stock a brochure box attached to the “For Sale” sign?

How long will your contract be active?

If you are unhappy with the agent, how long after the contract expires can you hire another agent?

Will the agent offer a commission fee reduction if a friend or family member of yours offers to buy your house?

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