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Checklist: Cleaning the Air in Your Home

Studies show that many times, the dirtiest air we breathe is in our homes. This is especially true if the ducts that deliver the air have dust and dirt build up. If someone in your home has allergies or you would like to reduce the number of contaminates in the air in your home, follow these steps:

Hire a duct cleaning service to vacuum and clean the air vents and ducts.

Change the filter on your furnace regularly. A clean filter will keep your furnace running efficiently, too.

Install an electronic air cleaner to help members of your household with allergies or asthma by reducing airborne particles.

Changing filters regularly to help air cleaners run efficiently.

Replace your vacuum bags regularly.

Dust and clean regularly, especially if you have pets.

Air-out dry cleaned items before bringing them indoors.

Reduce chemical use and purchase cleaners that are friendly to the environment.

A certain amount of pollen and dust is normal in the environment. You can however, make the air in your home easier to breathe for people with allergies and other respiratory ailments.

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