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Best Home Updates 2020

Are you looking to breathe new life into your home this year?

Are you looking to breathe new life into your home this year, without having to completely remodel or start a project from scratch? Whether you are looking to Sell your home, or just refresh your home,  you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, we’ve gathered many easy ways to modernize your home without the need for a wrecking ball.

1. There’s Nothing Like Adding New Furniture to Modernize Your Home

This may come as no surprise — after all, anything new in the home is eye-catching. Making the addition of large furniture tends to create a focal point in a particular area, so if you’re looking to refresh your home, this is a good way to start. If you want a set up that’s more on the contemporary side of things, look for sleek and minimalist furniture. 

Look for pieces that contrast the traditional chair and sofa shape to have a more futuristic and updated look. If you want to take a cost-effective approach, there are also different ways to go about it. Utilizing neutral colors with brightly colored accents is a popular, cost-effective way to add a fresh update to your home.

2. Adding a Large, Contemporary Mirror

One of the easiest ways to add updated geometry into an otherwise barren wall is to look into the diverse designs of mirrors in the market. There are plenty of distinctively shaped mirrors including round, square, teardrop, triangular, and other geometric shapes that can instantly create a point of interest and visual focus in any room.  

Mirrors are an affordable way to modernize your home. They’re easy to find and can make the room appear bigger, and can be found in specialty, furniture or everyday stores like Target or Home Goods.  Once you find one that will complement your home, place it in a smaller area to help open up spaces while giving it a more updated look. 

3. Give Your Walls a Change

Changing the look of your walls is another simple way to make an update around the home without any large construction or strain. If you like wall art, you can add larger pieces to serve as a focal point. 

Whether abstract art, family portraits, mirrors, or a specific artist or hobby you’re passionate about, large artwork can help add personality to any room. Creating a gallery wall with mixed mediums, sizes and textures can create a whole new feel to a room, such as a living room or kitchen, that can be easily updated later. 

4. Use Lights with Geometric Fixtures 

Geometric light fixtures are a stunning way to modernize a home, and an intricate light fixture can revamp an old room. There are also plenty of attention-grabbing designs to choose from, such as fixtures made from metal (bronze, nickel, brass), industrial pieces, and even sunburst designs that have recently made a comeback.  

With so many choices, you can get creative and experiment with a style that will suit the areas of your home. Because lighting fixtures are easy to replace, they are an affordable option to give your home a fresh look in any room you desire. Take a look at this transitional colleyville home for sale which includes both modern and traditional light fixtures throughout.

5. Use Neutral Colors

As mentioned above, neutrals are in this year and they are a perfect choice for contemporary spaces. Minimalistic colors tend to create more open feelings in spaces that create a classic, timeless feeling. 

With neutral tones, you can create a sleek space without having to put in too much effort and because neutral tones are easy on the eyes, they bring balance to any room. 

Using a neutral-based color palette creates a visually appealing space with room for more colorful accent furniture or artwork.

Using these 5 tips, you will be able to give your home a more updated and modern style for the years to come.  If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this colleyville tx house for sale, on!

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