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Unique Houses Causing Social Media Trends

Every year, unusual homes go viral on social media. These homes range from unique, to weird, to thematic. The owners of these homes spared no expense in their creation, stretching the boundaries of house design. 

You can find these homes in different parts of the world, and many of them are still on the market (if you’re house hunting for something a little bit more unique outside of your usual neighborhood)!

Dick Clark’s Malibu Flintstone Home

After the death of legendary actor Dick Clark, his Malibu house went on sale for a cool $3.5 million. The house is in a prime real estate location, but there’s a catch. Its design takes inspiration from the animated show The Flintstones, which began airing during the 1960s. The one-bedroom home features a carved rock design that opens up to views of the Pacific Ocean. You can also see nearby locations such as Channel Island and Serrano Valley.

While its design has rocky elements, it’s far from uncomfortable. The home had many luxury furnishings and colors that blended with the walls. The flooring also had similar color due to a carpet that stretched for most of the property’s interior. After two years on the market, the home sold for around half its original listing price.

Front-Row Residences

Located in front of the Silverstone racecourse in Northamptonshire, UK, this futuristic set of homes stand out. You can find them in front of the raceway, marketed as homes for those wanting to live closer to the action. The homes feature the latest technological advancements, from underfloor heating to climate-controlled garages. You can go out to the houses’ cantilevered terraces if you want a better view of the race.

These homes are part of a larger 60 house community that includes a gym, swimming pool, and restaurant. The elevated and angular designs stand out. Since their construction in such an unusual location, the homes have made waves many times. Their popularity on social media traces back mainly to their weird placement.

The Water Tower Home

In 2013, an architectural firm and design studio repurposed a seven-decade-old water tower. It transformed into a beautiful high-tech residence that features many modern amenities. The water tower house contains a panoramic terrace and six stories worth of rooms. Some of the older elements of the water tower remain mixed in with modern design elements.

The interior has a minimalist structure, and you have technological control over the home’s infrastructure. You can change lights, temperature, the sound system, and more. According to reports, the water tower served as a hideout from the Nazis during World War II.

The Tokyo Slide House

Why go down the stairs when you can slide? That’s the exact logic surrounding the construction of the three-story Tokyo Slide house. The house itself features a weird curved exterior mainly to house the large slide within. You have a set of stairs to access each floor, and then you have a large slide that can send you straight to the first floor.

According to the homeowners, they built the house for their three young children. The design intends to help the children experience fun and unique memories as they grow up. Slides aren’t the only thing located within, either. There’s also an enclosed ball pit within the central living space on the second floor.

Unique Homes Sell

Aside from being a fun trend on social media, unique homes have a niche market. There are people interested in owning weird and unique homes if they have all the amenities needed for comfortable living. However, not all find success after listing on the market. Some have been stagnant for many years, with no one interested in their unique features. They are very high-risk and high reward assets.

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