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Holidays and Real Estate

The upcoming holidays can be an excellent time to put up a property on sale.

While the housing market is usually hot during springtime, the holiday season is actually overlooked as one of the best times to sell, and this year is no exception. With shorter inventory in the housing market during the winter, your house will stand out – and buyers tend to be more serious during this time of year as well.

Therefore, it’s best to make your home as warm and inviting as possible to attract those who are looking to buy, and who knows? You might end up with the best present this year — money from the sale of your home. In this article, we’ll give you a guideline on how you can best prepare your home for buyers and get the best chance of selling it.

1.) Make it Neat and Cozy

It’s always a good idea to decorate and dress up your home during the holidays even if you want to sell it. However, it comes down to how much we should decorate it. Let’s admit it, homeowners tend to accumulate a whole bunch of stuff, especially when it comes to holiday decorations. When you start decorating, it’s best to use your best decorations only to accent your home without taking attention away from your house’s best features.

If your home has large windows, don’t cover up the view inside with an excessively huge Christmas tree or other decoration which may stop people from seeing your interior. Having holiday decor will help potential buyers imagine your home as their own. It’s best to keep your home free of clutter and make sure that it is always presentable. Try to create an atmosphere that captures the spirit of the holidays, no matter what you celebrate, that will make prospective homebuyers feel at home and warm from the moment they walk inside. To create the perfect look for your home, consider hiring a professional home stager and make your home stand out.

2.) Give Your Home the Right Price

Along with your listing agent, you will probably come up with a pricing strategy based on other homes that are comparable in the area. You will also use other criteria such as the demand for housing or the projected values, as well as how the housing market is currently doing. In the end, there are many different factors that go into pricing a home, but it’s best to give your home a competitive price. This is highly applicable if your home looks like the other houses in your street and shares similar features. Be sure to check for estimates online to see how much your home may be worth and make comparisons with other homes in the area with similar features.

3.) Pay Extra Attention to Your Curb Appeal

The whole neighborhood can look more appealing to interested home buyers during the holiday season. As such, you wouldn’t want to go overboard on the decorations outside your house. You should, however, aim for your home to shine with the rest of the houses. But one thing that can make your home more attractive than the rest is the cleanliness of the curb and the surrounding areas of your house. Because of the harsh weather, trees may be barren and the lawn may not have its lush green color.

So make a real effort to pick up any dead leaves, sticks, and other debris you may find and make sure that your lawn is properly trimmed. Even just a few weeds poking out of the ground can make it look like you’ve been neglecting your lawn. It’s also a good idea to take pictures during spring so you can show off how your home looks when it has flowers to get more attention. In this way, potential buyers can see exactly how your home looks during other seasons, rather than trying to picture it.

4.) Keep Your Home Buyers Safe

Because the temperatures outside can fall below freezing during winter throughout the country, walking paths and driveways are covered in snow and ice. As such, you need to think about how you can keep your property safe for potential buyers. The best thing to do is to work proactively and use the snow shovel to clear out a path.

If your area gets snow on a weekly basis, the best option is to hire a professional company to come around once a day. It will be their job to ensure that your front steps, driveway, and walking paths are clear of any hazards for people who want to view your home.

5.) Hit the Lights

Doing this will add the cherry on top to your beautiful home. It not only complements the coziness of your home, but it will also add on a sense of warmth amidst the cold temperatures. Turning on the lights in your home during virtual home tours and open houses will attract more viewers and will give off a more welcoming vibe.

Before showing off your home, make sure to fix light switches and replace any burnt out light bulbs. It might also be helpful to change your interior lighting and have them all share the same color temperature. A soft white color will brighten your rooms while giving your home a balanced feel as your potential homebuyers explore your house.

While few people may opt to sell their home during the winter, it can actually become a lot easier and more beneficial if you know exactly what to do. By following the steps outlined above, you can have a better chance of celebrating a successful home sale this holiday season.

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