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Virtual and In-Person Home Tours

Touring houses has always been an important part of the home buying process. Since technology has improved, and restrictions have been put on in-person tours with COVID-19, virtual tours have continued to grow in popularity. Read below to find out more about both options, and which may work best for you. 

Location, Location, Location

A traditional home viewing can help you assess prospective properties and see how the home fits your lifestyle and wish list. Visiting homes in-person will give you insights about reaching the nearest establishments, such as grocery stores, schools and offices. This allows you to get a better idea of the broader neighborhood, amenities and proximity to things that matter the most to you, whether that is restaurant, nightlife, family friendly neighborhood or more. 

With virtual tours, it’s a bit trickier to get an idea for the broader area. A virtual tour only provides you with a view of what’s inside the home, rather than the surrounding area. However, there are some tools to get around this. You can view scores for the neighborhood online, including walk score and safety scores, and can use tools such as Google Maps to view the surrounding street and see distances from your favorite activities.  

Inspection and Appearance 

The appearance and inspection of the home is vital for every home buyer. In person, you can see flaws in design or layout that may impact your decision more readily, as well as how much cosmetic work you’d like to put into the home. 

With a virtual tour, it can be harder to see the tiny parts – toilets, sinks, doorways, lighting and natural light. The inspection and appearance of the home are harder to perceive virtually, but you can still get a good idea of the size and shape of the house. 

Design and Flow 

Not all houses are the same, and going in-person can assist you with getting a good picture of the design and flow of the home. Does the kitchen island have drawers that get stuck? Is the front garden or curb appeal in need of repair? The design of the house is indisputably easier to view in real life. 

On a virtual tour, it is possible to get an idea for the overall design and layout of the home. Make sure you are working with real estate professionals who place a high value on professionalism and technology to ensure you are getting the best possible experience. When well done, a virtual tour will allow you to go room by room and get the full scope of the house from the comfort and safety of your current residence. 

Which is right for me?

If you are narrowing down a wide selection of homes, picking a property from a long distance or practicing social distancing due to health concerns, a virtual tour is an amazing option. It’s a fantastic tool for viewing homes, and the technology is continually improving. 

If you are worried about inspection, have particular needs or concerns, or want to get a full and complete picture of the house, an in-person tour is the right move!

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