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7 Key Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Buying a House

If you are house hunting and working with a real estate agent, it’s important to ask them key questions about finding the right property. This helps you understand if the house you like is the perfect fit or if your house hunt needs to continue. Here’s the list of questions you should ask your realtor.

1. How Old Is the House?

Knowing the age of the property will help you identify if you need more repairs or not. An old home will usually require more repairs than a newer house, unless it has been newly upgraded or renovated thoroughly. You can also assess if the construction is still in good condition, from the foundation to the roof.

2. How Long Has the House Been on the Market?

A property that’s been on the market for quite some time can have issues. Whether the house has a defect or the price is too much, be sure to investigate to see the reason why the property hasn’t sold. You don’t want to buy an overpriced house or a property that has pre-existing issues that could be costly to fix.

3. Why Are the Owners Selling the House and How Long Did They Live There?

Learning the reason why the current owners are selling the property helps with bargaining. Commonly, they bought a new home and are in a hurry to sell the old one. If this is the case, you can always negotiate for a lower price, and the chances of making them say yes are higher. In today’s heated market, however, bidding wars are not uncommon, so be prepared to have to negotiate over homes in highly competitive areas. 

4. Can I See the House Without the Lights?

The real estate agent will usually turn the lights on to give a better view of the inside. However, always ask to turn off the lights as well so you know how the house feels when it’s darker or in different seasons where there is less natural light present. Also, make sure that natural light can enter the house even without the lights to ensure you like the house in its most natural state. Touring at different times of the day will also give you a better feel for the home’s interior. 

5. How Many Renovations Did the House Undergo?

You can always ask a building inspector to check the construction status of the house. But the agent can already tell you about it, saving you money and time. Knowing how many renovations the property underwent is crucial when evaluating if the price is justifiable and the construction is of good quality. Knowing where the renovations took place can be critical in decision making as well. Have the bathrooms and kitchen been upgraded with new appliances, or are the appliances going to need replacing in the next few years? 

6. Can I See the Water System in the House?

Aside from the lights, water is another necessity of the property. Check whether the water system is functioning well. You can turn on the faucet in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, or anywhere you can find any water source. See if the pressure is ideal to flush the toilet or take a shower. Outside of the house, check the water as well to make sure the sprinklers or any other water features are in working order. 

7. What Is the Neighborhood Like?

Typically, the agent will tell you that the neighbors are great. However, you can always check if they are bad. Visit the property at different times to see how the neighbors are and whether or not their activities align with the lifestyle you’re looking for in the neighborhood. You can also search online and research the neighborhood around the property.

Asking these important questions to your real estate agent helps in the buying decision you are going to make. Ensure that you made the proper assessments so you will have no regrets. Start asking these questions now!

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