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Q: Our white cedar roof is around eight years old and some of the shingles are starting to bend. Should we have it treated? If so, with what and how should it be applied?

A: Maintenance can certainly save you some expensive headaches, and when done properly at appropriate intervals (usually starting when the roof is between three to four years old and repeated regularly) preservative oil treatments can prolong the life of a shake roof, and can be cost effective in the long run.

Roof treatments or restoration typically means the contractor:

1. Power washes the roof

2. Replaces missing or deteriorated (cracked, curling) shakes

3. Applies a preventative oil treatment

Most roofers will tell you the most important step in this process is the replacement of the missing or deteriorated shakes because they protect the felt underneath which is what really keeps the rain out of your house.

Unfortunately, many companies that promote roof treatments sell them to consumers whose roofs are too old to receive the maximum benefit. And they often charge a lot. So most roofers recommend collecting estimates for just replacing the defective shakes, as well as some bids for the entire treatment. If there is a big price difference, then just go for the shake replacement. If not, go ahead and get a roof treatment, and then maintain it every few years.

To collect bids from several specialists who repair and/or treat roofs, please visit our site at: Submit a service request, so we can match you with the ideal service professional in your area.

Good luck!

Kathy Maynard

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