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Repair Small Hole

Q: We have a small hole in our wall. Can we repair it ourselves?


You could buy a book in a home improvement store or even online which can show you how to patch drywall, and do it yourself with some drywall, joint compound, tape, and a can of spray-on texture, but it will take some practice. After all your effort, you may not be satisfied with the results and, depending on the location of the repair, it will jump out at you (and your guests) like the proverbial sore thumb every time you enter the room.

I recommend you hire a drywall repair specialist—and not just anyone. There is a real trick to patching, and more importantly, retexturing the patches so they aren’t obvious. Many professional drywall installers are not even capable of good repairs, especially patches. That’s why you usually find older guys no longer able to carry and hang heavy sheetrock specializing in the texturing and repair side of their trade.

To locate some reputable drywall repair specialists, please return to our site at Type “Repair Drywall ” in the search box, fill out a service request and let us match you with the ideal service professionals in your area.

Good Luck!

Kathy Maynard

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