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Repair Dishwasher and Water Damage

Q: My dishwasher is leaking into my basement, which is finished. I need to get my dishwasher out in order to repair it or to replace it. Our countertop which goes right up the wall is tile, therefore it can’t be lifted. The previous

owners installed a hardwood floor, which is preventing me from getting the dishwasher out. Any suggestions?

A: I would start by calling an appliance repair person to see if the dishwasher

can be fixed where it is.

However, if the leak has caused damage to the basement, which needs to be repaired, or the repair person tells you the dishwasher is beyond repair, then the dishwasher will have to come out. My guess is the easiest way to accomplish that will be to remove some of the hardwood flooring, because that can be replaced more easily than the tile. However,

you will need to contact some general contractors who specialize in home repair to come take a look at your situation to determine the best, most economical course.

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Good luck!

Kathy Maynard

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