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Moisture Build-up on Windows

Q: What do I do about moisture building up on my windows?


Condensation has become an increasing overwhelming issue. Energy conservation causes modern homes to be built (or retrofitted) so air tight that all kinds of problems result in our homes, including excess moisture, molds, allergens and other indoor air pollutants that endanger our health as well as our property.

Solving moisture problems often requires a process of elimination, first to figure out where the excess moisture is coming from and secondly, how to get rid of it.

Steps to reduce condensation include installing thermal pane windows; consulting with a heating and air specialist to see about increasing air circulation and perhaps adding a dehumidifier; increasing attic ventilation; waterproofing foundations and basements; installing drainage to divert water away from the home and/or sump pumps to remove water that accumulates under the house. Serious problems may require the services of Industrial Hygienists and Water Damage Restoration specialists.

Mr. Davison, “The Condensation Man,” has been solving condensation and ventilation problems since 1973. He offers a couple of different handbooks with information he provides in his seminars and workshops which may help you solve the problem yourself or direct you to the most appropriate professional help.

If you determine you need the help of some professional contractors in any of the areas I mention above, please return to our site and submit service requests for the types of specialists you need so we can match you with the ideal ServiceMagic professional in your area.

Good luck!

Kathy Maynard

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