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5 Rare and Unique Home Features Your Neighbors Will Envy

These homes are unlike anything you've seen.

Why keep up with the Joneses when you can be the Joneses? While most homes have a few quirky or odd features, chances are you won’t find anything too extraordinary inside them. Spice up your life by considering these options–guaranteed to make everyone in your neighborhood green with envy.

Historical Monument

(Source: ABCNY via Associated Press)

New constructions and older homes each have their charm, however there’s nothing quite as fascinating as historical monuments. When you own a historic home, you are responsible for maintaining it for the good of the public and future generations. Take this home in Ridgefield, Connecticut, for example. In December 2019 while the home was under renovation, the owners discovered human skeletal remains of what is believed to be soldiers from the Revolutionary War. In 1777, the Battle of Ridgefield took place in the same town, and archaeologists believe the bodies belonged to soldiers from that battle. Who else can say their home is a part of history?


(Source: Chuck Sutherland/Flickr)

Is there anything more magical than a treehouse? A staple in the backyards of so many family sitcoms, it’s surprising that more homes don’t actually have this fun feature. Treehouses are a great way for kids to have their own space to socialize and be creative. They’re not just for children, though; many adults enjoy the idea of having a tree hideout too.

The incredible treehouse pictured above was built by Minister Horace Burgess in 1993. Complete with a church, a basketball court, and 80 rooms, this Tennessee beauty is considered the tallest treehouse in the world. Imagine hosting your next backyard party in a jaw dropping treehouse.

Indoor Pool

(Source: @LandscapeDesignPros/Instagram)

This rare home feature is pretty polarizing. While some people may be turned off by the chlorine smell and maintenance required of owning an indoor pool, athletes will be delighted to know they can swim laps no matter the weather. Of course for those with five star tastes, a beautiful indoor pool epitomizes luxury. If you’re considering adding an indoor pool to your home, estimates say the average indoor pool installation will set you back $20,000; though some pools can be as much as $100,000. If that’s too much, you can always consider a pool covered by a lanai like the one pictured above.

Secret Room

(Source: @ChristianLaddInteriors/Instagram)

While pulling a book out of a shelf to reveal a hidden space can be a cool party trick, secret rooms can have a practical use as well. When it comes to security, those with concerns will have a safe place to tuck away when necessary. A secret room can also offer privacy and solitude if you’re in a full house. Whether you’re itching for a secret hideaway or looking to build a private shelter, secret spaces are a fun, quirky, and innocuous way to add value to your living experience.

Roller Coaster

Undoubtedly the coolest and rarest of them all is the backyard roller coaster. Sure, it’s completely impracticable and requires a lot of money and probably a physics degree, but you’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood! Watch the above video by Will Pemble, who designs backyard roller coasters for a living, for a little inspiration.

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