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Wood Shingle Siding

Wood shingles: Wood shingle is a moderately expensive siding with a unique look that gives a home a rustic look. It will last at least 30 years and needs re-staining every five years. Homes in humid climates will need to be treated with preservatives to control any mildew.

The trim: If your home is already built, when you have the siding job done, make sure you have all the trim done as well. Most of your painting expense is in the trim, so failing to cover it will mean your painting costs won’t go down by much. Also, ask your contractor about adding more wall insulation along with the siding.

Removing siding: Removing siding can be a dirty and difficult job requiring specialized equipment and protective gear. It’s best to leave this job to your service professional.

Access considerations: You should let your service professional know if there are any difficulties with access to the area where he’ll be working. It will help him make decisions about how the work will be done and what equipment he’ll be able to use.

Height considerations: If your house has more than one story, your job may require more specialized equipment.

Other options: You can further protect water damage and leakage around window and door trim by placing a J-channel piece around the edges.

Terminology: Soffits are vents under the roof overhang that allow your attic to breathe.

Fascia board is the exposed end of your roof. Normally, the gutter is attached to it.

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