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Tents for a Special Occasions

Special events frequently require extra space. Often renting a tent to put outside of a residence or in a public area such as a park, etc. provides shelter in a setting preferable to renting a large room.

Most special event supplies, including tents, are rented for three days hours to give the consumer a day to set up and another to take down before and after the day of the event. Tents are rented by the size. Set-up and take-down of party tents is included in the price, though an extra delivery charge is usually added, based on how far the rental company has to travel to deliver and pick it up. Smaller pop-up tents are also available to provide shade only which are not for use in rainy or windy weather. Because they are easily set-up, the consumer can avoid a delivery charge by picking them up from the rental company. Different styles of side walls, a side extension to set up food service as for a buffet line and pole covers may also be added for a small additional charge.

The size of tent needed is determined by the number of people and the manner in which it will be used. For example, a 20′ x 40′ party tent would cover 50-60 people seated at round tables, 60-100 people seated and long tables, and up to twice as many people dancing or seated theater style in rows of chairs. The rental company can help consumers decide what size tent they need based on the intended use(s).

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