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Specialty Finishes for Concrete Patios and Other Flatwork

Concrete surfaces come in three basic finishes and many colors. The most common finish for interiors has a smooth finish created by running a flat trowel over the top. This can be quite smooth, almost like glass.

Smooth surfaces don’t work well outside; a little water can turn a smooth concrete surface into a slip hazard. Contractors will texture exterior surfaces with a “brush-textured” finish, a rougher surface that wicks away water and provides traction.

Exposed aggregate finish is a rougher finish and less common. The gravel that makes up the concrete is exposed to the surface and good for traction.

Colors: Concrete can come in a wide variety of colors created by adding dyes to the liquid mixture.

A knockdown finish is accomplished by spraying a polymer based mix through a hopper gun over an existing concrete base and then knocked down with a trowel. It can be made to look like tile, flagstone, and many other looks.

Stamped concrete is diverse. From slate to stone, tile to brick , stamped concrete offers a big array of colors and designs that will satisfy the most critical eye. This concrete finish is solid, long lasting and you have many color combinations and textures to choose from.

Acid or chemical stain is a penetrating stain that chemically etches the color into the concrete for a permanent marble like finish. This decorative concrete finish may be applied over new concrete, old concrete or overlayment polymer.

Site Preparation (Excavation, Grading): Concrete is often one of the very base foundations of any structure. Proper site preparation is necessary to insure a good foundation.

Concrete Form Work: Concrete can either be flat or shaped into three-dimensional objects. If you need steps, curbs or other form work, please note this in the “Special Requirements” section at the end of the questionnaire.

Rebar Installed: Steel rebar within the concrete makes the concrete structure stronger.

Old Concrete or Paving Surface Removed: Removing concrete or paving material is difficult work. Often it’s best to leave this to your service professional, who will have proper equipment and training to handle the removal.

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