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Here are some common (and not so common) types of bathroom fixtures for Basic plumbing fixtures:
* A lavatory sink is a bathroom sink that sits within a cabinet fixture.
* A pedestal sink is a free-standing sink without a cabinet base.
* A utility sink is a large, deep sink typically found in laundry or utility rooms.
* A shower/bath is a tub or small enclosure used for bathing. Can either be free-standing or built-in.
* A whirlpool is a popular option for tubs. Built-in jets force water around tub. Great for relaxing.
* A steam shower is a nice luxury feature similar to a shower, except jets emit steam instead of water.
* Bidets aren’t common in the U.S, but are usually found next to toilets in Europe.

Other choices: When considering any plumbing projects, you may want to consider other services as part of your installation.

Here are some choices to think about:

Freeze protection is a mechanical feature on exterior garden faucets. Instead of the shut-off valve being on the outside of the house, it’s set several inches inside the house. This protects the pipes from freezing. You can also add Styrofoam faucet covers, which will cut the wind and insulate the faucet from cold air.

Insulating pipes is a nice option for colder climates because ice can cause pipes to burst. Often it can be a simple do-it-yourself job. Look for thermal foam pipe protectors at your local hardware store. Simply cut to size and fit around the pipes.

Another option is an insulating water heater, which looks like a jacket for your hot water heater and keeps heat loss to a minimum.

A circulating hot water pump is a nice option for larger homes where faucets are a long distance from the heater. It gives a boost to the hot water flow, allowing hot water to arrive at the tap faster.

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