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Landscape Sand Delivery Service

Sand is used by professionals to make stucco and mortar, and it is

frequently used in landscaping to set paving stones into patios and

walkways without need of mortar or concrete.

Parents often order sand for their children’s play areas but be warned: if it is not kept covered, it tends to attract neighboring cats who prefer to bury their droppings in clean, loose sand instead of dirt!

Many yards offer free delivery within a certain radius of their location, with a minimum purchase of five yards. It is also possible to have more than one kind of material delivered at one time.

Sand types:

There are four basic kinds of commercial sand.
* Fill Sand: utility sand, coarse, not washed, commonly used underneath paving stones.
* Plaster Sand: clean, coarse sand, primarily used by professionals to make stucco.
* Masonry or White Sand: Clean, fine grained sand used to make mortar. Masonry sand is often requested to use as a base under paving stones because it is easier to work with than utility sand.
* Play Sand: Used for sandboxes and children’s play areas. While other sands contain silica, Play Sand is silica-free making it safe for children.

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