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Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Chances are that the person who ends up buying your home will drive by at least once when making the decision. It is a fact that making your home as appealing as possible upon first glance will shorten the amount of time it is on the market.


It is very important that your home be easy for potential buyers to find, so make sure the house numbers are easy to see from the street. Have an objective person approach your door to see things you might not notice.
* Does the door need to be painted or replaced?

* Is there a polished doorknocker or working doorbell?

* Are the railings secure and sturdy looking?

These initial impressions can help any interested buyers make their decision.

A clean and neat exterior will let the potential buyer know that you have kept the house in good repair. Hire a window washing service to professionally clean windows and clear away cobwebs and debris.

Siding, Roofing and Gutters

A main concern for most homebuyers is the condition of the roof. No one wants to buy a house that might need a costly new roof in only a few months. Hiring a home inspector will help identify potential problems, like leaky roofing, that could interfere with the sale.

Additionally, the paint or siding on your home should be in good shape and not peeling or chipping. Walk around your house and make a list of any areas in need of repair. Arrange to have these items fixed well before listing your home. Loose gutters, missing roofing shingles and chipped paint will leave potential buyers wondering how well the house has been cared for, and they could lower the offer you receive for your home.

Plants, Yard and Decorations

Potted plants and a few decorative items will add some character to your home’s exterior, and help make your home pleasing to visitors. Well-tended flowerbeds and neatly pruned bushes and trees will also give a positive impression.

Grass that is burned, overgrown or imbedded with weeds will not be appealing to most homebuyers. A professional lawn service can help remedy unhealthy grass or can lay new sod for an instantly perfect lawn. If you have children, make sure their toys are neatly stored, rather than strewn across the yard. The same goes for gardening equipment.

Last Minute Tips

Remember that potential buyers will also drive by at night. A well-lit exterior will make you home look welcoming and lived-in from the street. Leave a few lights on inside the house to give a warm glow from the exterior.

Lastly, if your agent is showing your home to potential buyers, quickly sweep the steps and walkway and move garbage cans to an area where they are not easily seen. Hopefully these steps will help you with a quick and easy sale of your home.

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