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How to Remodel Your Kitchen

The Changing Role of Kitchens

Years ago, the kitchen was considered a room for messy work and was hidden away from the rest of the house. Attitudes about kitchens have been changing steadily. We are adding more functions and more style to kitchens, which are becoming hubs for modern families. As a result, kitchen remodeling ranks among the most popular projects each year.

The Growing Importance of Design

Good design is important. There are basically three elements, but many people focus on just one or two and end up with a less than satisfying job.

Gather Ideas

The first element in good kitchen design is the process of exploring dreams and possibilities to discover the many options you have when redoing a kitchen. In this stage, you look at magazines, showrooms, builder’s model homes and the homes of neighbors.

Try to think about all the ways your kitchen might enhance your lifestyle. Consider including in the design the following ideas:

* mudroom

* hobby area
* homework space
* computer space
* recycling bins
* fire extinguisher
* entertainment center

* phone and answering machine center
* second sink or dishwasher
* display space for fine silver or glass pieces
* mood lighting and natural light

The key is to dream a little, and indulge your imagination! While you won’t be able to afford everything you can dream of, you might be surprised by how much is possible. Compile a list along with pictures, drawings, and samples of all the features and functions you want in your new kitchen.


The second aspect of kitchen design is layout. Most courses and guides on kitchen design focus on this element. This is when you look at the various features of the kitchen and decide on location and how far every component should be from every other related component. For years the key to the design was the work triangle. This refers to the arrangement of the refrigerator, sink and stove. With the increasing use of microwaves, many people now refer to this as the work diamond. The majority of cooking activities entails moving easily back and forth among these three or four kitchen staples.


The final element in good design is essentially aesthetic. Choosing the right colors, finishes, textures, etc., is essential to creating a space in which people will enjoy being. Keep in mind that the fewer years you plan to live in the house; the more important it is for you to choose popular aesthetic options.

Getting the Most for Your Money

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