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How to Get High-Quality Real Estate Photography

Did you know that premium photos can get your house sold 32% faster compared to those with poor-quality images? This suggests how pictures greatly affect buyers’ decisions when house hunting. To help you gain a competitive advantage, we will present how you can get high-quality real estate photography. Read on so you can take incredible photos like a pro.

Declutter Before Shooting

You may think it’s normal to have a bit of clutter in your home, but items displayed or scattered everywhere will ruin the quality of your photo. So, keep unnecessary items in your cabinet or storage area. Make sure the desks and coffee tables are clean and organized. Also, remember that less is more. You can pick one to three items as accessories.

Use a Tripod

The key to achieving high-quality real estate photos, especially when you have to do them at night, is using a tripod. This helps avoid blurry images by stabilizing your camera. With a tripod, you can take sharp and consistent images.

Use Wide-Angle Lenses

Investing in wide-angle lenses is highly recommended. If you’re taking photos of small spaces, you won’t have any problem making them look bigger while creating a sense of depth. You can start with a 24-millimeter wide angle to achieve this goal without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Open Curtains or Blinds

Nothing beats natural light. Opening the curtains, blinds, or windows will help you take beautiful and realistic photos. This can also make the house appear bigger. Showcasing both the interior and exterior gives potential buyers a glance at the neighborhood.

Allot Enough Time for the Shoot

Whether you’re an agent, photographer, or homeowner, you must spend enough time taking the pictures. You need to declutter, fix broken lights, and get the light right before you can take the best photos. Depending on how big the home is, the shoot may take a few hours. 

Add Bright Colors

While neutral tones are preferred to cater to a wider network of buyers, adding a pop of color will catch buyers’ attention. Add colorful pillows or artwork. Place a bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers in the dining area to make your real estate pictures stand out.

Hire a Professional Local Photographer

If you’re willing to spend extra money to achieve the best real estate photos, consider hiring a professional photographer. Look for the best real estate photographers in your neighborhood. Read online reviews. Ask the right questions, such as the types of homes they have dealt with, their equipment, the range of services, and the turnaround time.

Experience Top-Notch Real Estate Photography

Given that more buyers are house hunting online, high-quality real estate photos sell fast. By following the tips we have shared above, you can increase your chances of selling your home quickly. For more real estate tips and tricks, visit our page!

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