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Hiring a Landscape Designer

Landscaping is a valuable extension of your home and should be planned as carefully as any other major investment. Research shows that the return on your landscape dollars can range between 70 and 200 percent when you sell your home.


Establish a final working landscape plan, including locations and sizes of hardscape (decks, patios, walks, pools, ponds, etc.) and names, locations, and sizes of planting materials. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and having to do certain things over. The plan will allow you to install your landscape in stages, as you can afford it. It will help you create a unique, attractive and colorful landscape that enhances your home and reflects your family’s lifestyle.


A professional designer uses an artist’s eye with practical knowledge to meet your needs with creative solutions. For example, a trained landscape designer knows how to select plants to combine attractive colors, textures, heights and shapes that are also sun/shade/water compatible. A designer might also suggest that a curved patio makes better use of space, costs no more and looks better than the rectangular one you may have originally intended.


You need to have a basic idea of what you’d like to accomplish, but skilled questioning by the designer to help determine even your hidden wants and needs is a very important part of the process. He or she will discuss the full range of choices and options open to help you make “informed choices” about everything from pools, decks, and lighting to trees, shrubs, and flowers. With so many options available, professional guidance can help you make your best choices.

Your landscape is an extension of your home. Invest wisely and you will enjoy the rewards while you live there and when it is time to sell.

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