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Hardwood Inlay

Of course, you want your floor to compliment your decor and give the desired effect. Certain effects can be accomplished with the color chosen. However, the style of wood inlay can bring unique detail to your rooms.

With the types of wood and finishes available, a wood floor can be put in virtually any room in your house-even kitchens, baths, and utility rooms.

The decision on your solid wood floors starts with the types available. Each type of wood has its advantages. One should consider the type of wood available and the durability needed.

Customize your wood floor with pieces arranged in a special design, or stain a contrasting color to reflect a special theme or design. Inlay elements turn an already-striking hardwood floor into a work of art, making it distinct and decorative.

Choosing a design

With so many designs available, choosing an inlay design can be challenging. To make the selection process easier, determine the overall style of the interior-rustic, contemporary or traditional, for example. At this point, eliminate certain flooring design elements that typically do not lend themselves to that particular interior style.

Other elements

Mixed media floors feature wood floors with at least one other type of material and offer an endless variety of choices for any room in the house. Some of your choices of materials for borders and medallions are brass, stone, aluminum, leather, and ceramic tile.

How it’s done

Hardwood inlay floors with distinctive designs are now more popular than ever. Among all the technological advances are a handful of companies that still do their floor work the old-fashioned way-by hand and scroll saw. Modern technology has made its way in with computers, which use laser-cutting technology making inlays out of any design that can be drawn. It is precisely this mix of honored practices and new techniques that give equal credence to the variety of custom flooring options.

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