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Finding a Truck Rental Service

Trucks can be rented for do-it-yourself moving for local, in-town moves where the truck is picked up and returned to the same facility, and one-way moves, where it is picked up from one location and dropped off at another.

The price of renting a truck varies from company to company and from day to day within the same company because it is based on availability and demand of trucks. Therefore, rental fees can change depending on the days of the week, the times of the month and the time of the year. It is usually more expensive to rent on weekends, at the end of the month and during warmer months.

Locally, some companies rent by the day for a flat rate per size of truck. Other companies rent by a daily rate and a per-mile rate. Again, this can vary depending on availability and demand so it is advised to make a reservation and lock in a price.

One way rentals are also based on availability on trucks where the consumer is picking it up and the demand where they will be dropping it off, so prices can vary a lot. The number of days and miles the truck is rented are established by the destination, with extra days and miles charged.

A deposit is required before renting a truck. Some companies insist upon a credit card deposit, others will accept a cash deposit.

The requirements for renting a truck vary by company, but all renters must have valid drivers’ licenses. If the renter is handicapped, they must bring proof that the person who will be driving is licensed.

Some require the driver be 18 years old, 21 years old or 25 years old. The person who rents the truck is responsible for the truck in case of an accident or theft, even if someone else is driving the truck. Some companies allow more than one person to be covered if arranged in advance and/or for extra fees.

Towing your car can reduce stress because both of you can ride together in the comfort of your truck. Two car-towing systems are also available, safe and simple to use.

A car carrier carries your entire car on a trailer that attaches to the rear of your truck. This is recommended for four-wheel drive and all-wheel vehicles.

A tow dolly is recommended for front-wheel drive vehicles; it lifts the front wheels off the pavement and pulls it behind your truck.

A hand truck/dolly will save your back from the stress of lifting heavy objects. It will also speed up your moving process by allowing you to carry more on each trip to or from the truck. Furniture pads will save your furniture from the scratches and dings moving can produce.

Rental truck companies also rent and sell additional moving supplies. They rent hand trucks/ dollies and moving pads, and sell packing materials, boxes, tape, rope, etc. The also rent towing packages to tow a vehicle behind the truck.

Most auto insurance or credit card policies that cover regular rental cars won’t cover moving vans so it can be wise to purchase special coverage from the rental truck company.

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