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Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Home

Most people make the mistake of choosing carpet according to

color. Rather, you should take the basic characteristics of a

carpet’s fibers and construction, as well as the lifestyle of

your family, into consideration before purchasing.

Understanding all of the attributes and drawbacks of each product can help you choose the most appropriate flooring for your home with confidence.

The most popular materials include the following:
* Nylon: A majority of the carpets today are constructed of nylon. A very durable and forgiving product, nylon is fairly easy to maintain and is available in various styles.
* Olefin (or polypropylene):Most common in Berber carpets,

olefin is also used in cut pile carpeting. It is noted for being

practically stain proof because spots do not adhere to its fibers.

However, the drawback is that this soft fiber scratches and mats down

* Polyester:This fiber is making a great comeback for many good reasons. Many polyesters today are made from recycled materials like 2-liter soda bottles. It has great stain resistance and doesn’t mat down as easily as olefin. In addition, it is reasonably priced.
* Wool:Although wool is a very expensive product, it has a wonderful resiliency and the luxury of a natural product. It is not uncommon to see real wool products 20+ years old that still look almost new.

Take samples home and look at them in the rooms where you are looking to install the new carpet, using both daylight and artificial lighting at night to make sure you will be happy with it; if it’s as durable as you hope, you’ll be living with it for a long time!

This information is brought to you courtesy of John Fuchs of

Carpet Warehouse in

Rancho Cordova, CA.

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